Vadrouille à pulvérisation

65,000 TND

●Fast Drying Floor

With the Water Spray Mop, you don’t need to wait for a long time before the floor dries up, a slightly-wet slightly damp and quick moist.

●2ML Water Slightly Damp

water spray mop offers the right amount of dampness which instantly dries up after the mop is dragged away.

●95cm Wide Spraying Area

The mop’s rod can be adjusted so that the press spray area can reach 95 cm. Coming with a wide cleaning surface, it forms a fan-shaped uniform spray-area which helps to save time.

●Only 750g Light in Weight

It weighs only 0.75 kg hence it can be easily lifted. You can use it to clean the whole house without getting fatigued.

●0.35L Water Tank, Once Load for 100㎡Area, Nailed it!

●Carbon Microfiber Mop Cloth

Eliminates Dirt Layer, Water Absorption Layer, Adhesive Bonding Layer,

Perfect mop to eliminates even the most stubborn dirt, oil stain, pigment in hard-to-reach corners of your home easily and quickly.

●360 Degree Mop can Turn around, Deals with Most Situation Chair / Sofa / Wall / Sofa / Bed / Ceiling Corners

●1.2m Mop Rod, Wall and Ceiling Cleaning.

ABS Handle with Good Grip Feeling, Steel Hand Wearable Tough and Durable, Easy to load the water tank.

●You can buy mop microfiber pads to recycle adhesive design you can replace it in 1s.


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