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Coussin de cou pour dossier de voiture Le prix initial était : 115,000 TND.Le prix actuel est : 69,000 TND.

Pommeau de douche filtrant 360 Turbo, traitement de l’eau haute pression

32,000 TND

High Quality: High quality ABS material and stainless steel panel, environmental protection and durability.

One Key Switch: Humanized design, convenient and fast. One key stop water once opened and used.

Universal Rotation: 360 degree rotation.

Common Interface: Standard four-point measurement interface for most home uses.

Built-in Turbo Fan: The flow of water will be sprayed on the Turbo fan blades and make the Turbo fan rotate rapidly. Increase the water pressure.

Detachable Design: The flower can be used for a long time, if a water outlet may appear, blocking phenomenon. Simply remove the stainless steel panel to clean it.


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