Support de rangement pour vaisselle

105,000 TND

Rupture de stock

No punching-This drain rack has designed with reinforced bottom ,more stable ,will not crook down with full storage.No punching is needed to strengthen its fitness.


Strong Load Bearing-The maximum weight capacity is 77.16lbs(about 35kg).


Don’t block your sight or hit your head-This ergonomic design breaking the traditional four-post design provide a easier storage space.You will not hit your head or be blocked your sight when using it.


Stainless Frame & Paint Process-The stainless steel layer and high-temperature baking paint layer give this drain rack a double protection,moisture and corrosion resistant and easy to clean.


Snap-in loading and unloading-Very Very easy to assemble ,also easy to disassemble and clean.

Non-slip sucker-Equiped with non-slip sucker, titghtly suck the table top ,fix the rack well avoid removing away.



Material: Stainless steel


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