Sécateur de greffage

43,000 TND

Our professional garden grafting tools will take your grafting experience to the next level. This tool is different from traditional grafting tools, it can cut and graft at the same time, easy to use and more efficient. With this tool, you can quickly create omega/V/U style grafts with its precise, sharp blade.

Even beginners can easily make a perfect graft. The grafting blade can cut materials with a diameter of up to 10mm, which is very suitable for removing leaves, branches and stems without changing tools.

2 in 1 function-including pruning machine and guillotine grafting blade. First, you can cut off the excess leaves and branches and prepare the plants to be grafted. Secondly, a special paper cutter can then be used to cut the cut material.

High-quality materials: made of stainless steel cutting blades, high-strength ABS plastic, imported SK5 double-edged cutting blades.



Material: carbon steel, ABS and aluminum

Colour: Black

Application: 3-10m branches

Size: 27*15*5CM

Scope of application: fruit trees, sugar cane, vegetables, lawn, wood, trees


The package includes:

1 X professional garden grafting tool

3 blades


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