Rouleau de Clôture extensible avec fausses feuilles de lierre, 1x3m

89,000 TND

The fence leaves are placed close enough to block strong sunlight, and at the same time allow the air to circulate. Place the fence in the area that may be exposed. While decorating your house, you can also protect privacy and prevent curious neighbors and passers-by look at your retreat. The realistic leaves can also play the role of windshield, reducing street noise, making you relaxa.

QUALITY:All our panels and leaves are made from PLASTIC with resistant. No smelling ,eco-friendly and safe for human and pets. It could last over 3 years outdoor,even in very hot or cold weather

Convenient installation and easy to clean: The grid on the back of the fence can be seamlessly connected and trimmed. With good flexibility, it can be bent. The vine leaves can maintain the evergreen appearance all year round without watering and trimming, easy to clean and maintain

MULTIPLE USAGES: They are widely used for different kinds of facades.Perfect for interiors & exteriors , could help to protect your privacy

RESHAPED: Panels can be removed or interchanged to create unlimited shapes, heights & widths


Leaf fence panel

-Color: Green.

-Material: plastic.

-Size: 3 x 1 meter.

Style: Green leaf


Multi-purpose: The artificial privacy fence can be used for balcony privacy shielding, terrace decoration, wedding wall, bar wall decoration, commercial sign wall decoration, restaurant wall decoration, etc.


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