Pistolet de massage portable

89,000 TND


1. Accelerate the fascia gun deep relaxation, relieve muscle stiffness and improve sports pain.

2. High-speed noise reduction motor, high power, low noise, low vibration, using high-power motor, strong power; high-speed impact, can reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

3. Intelligent silent chip, driven by the core, efficient and quiet; using imported packaging, short circuit overload protection, fast response instructions.

4. Button adjustment, palm control multi-gear variable speed, up to 6 gears of vibration intensity adjustment, easily cope with a variety of working conditions, to meet the needs of different people.

5.efficient battery built-in pressure feedback system to ensure intelligent and durable output power

6.massage gun use time varies according to different parts of the body. In order to avoid long-term massage and damage to the same part of the muscles and bones, fascia group is equipped with intelligent timing protection function.

Couleur Noir , Rose , Vert


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