Distributeur dentifrice, avec support de 5 brosses a dents

34,000 TND

Toothpaste Dispenser

ABS Material

Length 15 cm

Width 7.5 cm

Height 6 cm


Toothpaste Toothpaste Brush Holder Applicator


Hygienic, practical and economical!


This innovative product is an automatic toothpaste dispenser and brush holder that works with just ONE touch. It’s a new way to apply an optimal amount of toothpaste at a time. Just a gentle touch with the brush and the toothpaste comes out instantly. Fully hygienic, it is compatible with various formats of toothpaste tubes and adapts perfectly.


Product Features:

-Kit with Automatic Dispenser Brushes Support

-Convenient for use by children

-Hygiene and economy in the use of toothpaste

-Very simple to use through the one-touch method

-Works through vacuum, taking out all the paste from inside the tube to the end

-Aside from the waste of toothpaste

-Compatible with any type of toothpaste

-No need to use screws to install it (clamped with double-sided tape)

-Do not use any type of electricity

-The contact part with the cream is made of food grade silicone (SUPER HYGIENIC)

-Easy to disassemble and wash


Installation Mode:

-Give preference to smooth surfaces such as tiles and mirrors

-Clean the installation site by eliminating all dust, moisture or fat

-Remove the protective film from the double-sided tape that is on the back of the pieces

-Apply the pieces on the desired location

-Wait a few minutes after installation16

-Open the dispenser and fit the toothpaste tube into the compartment


Product Specifications:

-Color: white with detail in black

-Ergonomic design

-Supports up to 5 brushes

-No Need for Battery

-Easy Operation

-Material: ABS Plastic

-Dispenser size: 15x7x6cm

-Brush holder size: 13x6x3cm


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